The South Azerbaijan Freedom Party marches for the South Azerbaijani political prisoners


2014,May 1. The International Labor Day millions of people around the world march today to celebrate and remind those days workers were fighting for their rights.
Today people put the old and new political ideas together to voice the collapsed and muted ideas by their governments.
South Azerbaijani Turks along with the other nations voice their nation,political prisoners,their activists and 35 million Turks in so-called I  r  a  n,the nation who is totally deprived of the fundamental rights,the nation who fights for the INDEPENDENCY!
We are the voice of thousands of South Azerbaijani political prisoners and activists.
One the most important things happened today was the media’s interest to the photos were carried by South Azerbaijanis.
Safar Khan was the one who has been in the prison of apartheid for 32 years in South Azerbaiajn,I  r  a  n!This is how the world talks about Nelson Mandela who has been in the prison for 27 years.
Saeid Matinpour,the South Azerbaijani journalist who has been condemned for 8 years in prison and he is in hunger strike in Evin Prison in Tehran.
The South Azerbaijan New National Awakening(Yeni GAMOH) members who have been condemned to 9 years prison and South Azerbaijan Freedom Party voice their hunger strike as well to the world marching on Thursday first of May 2014 in Oslo,Norway.
One the remarkable cases was from the side of Fars nationalists who were calling South Azerbaijani Turks as stupid separatists and they were withdrawn with strong reply by the South Azerbaijanis.
South Azerbaijan Freedom Party appreciate the presens of all our friends and their help and great job.And we hope to celebrate the first of May in South Azerbaijan as soon as possible.
May 1. 2014,Oslo,Norway
South Azerbaijan Freedom Party

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