South Azerbaijan Freedom Party(SAFP),the Europe branch, held it’s forth congress on 16-03-2014 in Oslo,Norway.

300050_247961648571347_5504774_nSouth Azerbaijan Freedom Party(SAFP),the Europe branch, held it’s forth congress on 16-03-2014 in Oslo,Norway.
Beside the member who attended in Norway,some members took part in the congress through telephone or Paltalk.Bayram Aharli was the conductor of the congress and Sardar Asadi recorded and wrote the report of the congress.
The agenda of the congress was declared and sec. general system was replaced by spokesperson system.
The congress started with a short three minute movie in which the ducks manage to migrate a long distance by changing their leadership position.
The situation of the party was discussed and the congress recalled the members attempt to reach the new process of democracy in the South Azerbaijan Freedom Party.
The members remembering the last congress of the party gave report on their own responsibilities.
Ataxy who representing the party in Norway gave his report on financial issue and Duman who is responsible for human rights and personnel in the party gave his annual report as well.

Hossein Seyed Cheraghi  responsible for internet and media made the party’s new site, he added that the site goes on with two languages,Azerbaijani Turkic and Farsi and later the English will be added.The concentrated issue in the site will be the political situation situation in South Azerbaijan.
Yashar Heydari(Astarali) who is responsible for media-forum of the South Azerbaijan Freedom Party reported that he puts news in all types from South Azerbaijan and Turkish world in two Facebook of the party.
The politics responsible of the party,Sardar Asadi,reported his annual work as well.He added that the complain letter to Dr. Ahmad Shahid’s report on Iran to UN will be reviewed and sent to United Nations sec. general.He also asked for sending letter focusin on human right situation in South Azerbaijan to the related organizations.
The congress appreciated Eldar Qaradagli,the ex sec. general of SAFP the for his work and accepted his resignation.
The congress reviewed the responsibilities in the South Azerbaijan Freedom Party and the results of voting comes as follow:
1.The spokesperson and political responsible:Sardar Asadi
2.The organization responsible:Aherli Bayram
3.The financial and relations responsible:Atabey
4.The internet-media responsible:Hossein Seyed Cheraghi
5.The human right responsible:Duman
6.The personnel responsible:Ahmad Amini(Elyar)
7.The media forum and procurement responsible:Yashar Heydari(Astarali)
8.The financial project responsible:Amir Vahid Alvandi
9.The international propaganda responsible and the France representative:Hayide Bornak
10.The Italy representative:Farhad Tebrizli
11.The Turkey representative:Zaman Alioghlu
The new organization’s responsible persons of the South Azerbaijan Freedom Party give the special thanks for the ex-responsible persons of the party and wish them good luck in the work to the great goal of our nation.


G A Q P / 16-03-2014

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